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In an attempt to identify possible community characteristics which could be driving the stark differences in remittances across districts, an OLS regression is done which combines individual, household and community-level determinants of remittances in a single framework (results in Table 4).
The only significant result shown for any control variable in the OLS regressions is the coefficient for the dummy variable for MSCI, which is positive and statistically significant in the [DELTA]MVBV regression only.
4% Table 6 OLS Regression Summary + Significant at p = 0.
Thus (5) simplifies to the regular OLS regression equation:
In Tables 5 and 6, the pooled OLS regression in Column 1 is a benchmark model.
The term ln(EMIT/PROD) is only insignificant in the iron and steel OLS regression.
1997) or OLS regression (Baumrind; Larzelere, 2000; McLeod & Nonnemaker, 2000; Straus et al.
Specifically, we used OLS regression diagnostics to determine the form of spatial regression that best fits the data, using a Lagrange Multiplier (LM) test (Anselin 1988).
Moreover, fine results about confidence intervals and tests in OLS regression are lost, and have to be replaced by complex and approximate results of RR [Bodunov (2006)].
360) Therefore, in this case, the OLS regression method produces results that are efficient and identical to the SUR method.
Finally, the neural network results were compared to an approach based on OLS regression using SAS.