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are no longer sold, by Open Market such as OM-Axcess, OM-Express, and Open
com) can be downloaded, as well as Open Market's OM-Express (www.
The new product, called OM-Express independently retrieves desired Web information and makes it available for accelerated viewing and offline access, thereby enhancing the usefulness of Web browsers and desktop Web applications.
OM-Express will help our business clients and their customers keep up with all the information on the Web and help them manage access," said Gary Eichhorn, CEO of Open Market.
Potential customers of OM-Express fall into two groups: 1) businesses that provide large commercial Web offerings, such as content providers, Internet access and online service providers, and commercial Websites such as catalogs and malls, and 2) frequent Web users, who can download OM-Express Internet beta software from http://www.
For individual end users, OM-Express offers a multitude of benefits.
The acquisition of OM-Express technology and this exciting
DocuMagix focuses on desk-top content management where OM-Express fits
Open Market's OM-Express Solves the Problem of the World Wide Wait;
By overcoming the barrier of the 'World Wide Wait,' OM-Express makes the Web far more useful for end users, widening the channels for commerce on the Internet.
Open Market is offering a variety of partnerships that allow business customers to distribute a version of OM-Express that is already preloaded with their own content.
OM-Express offers endusers a multitude of benefits, including: