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Object Management Architecture.

A set of standards under study by the OMG.
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a river in Nenets National Okrug, Arkhangel’sk Oblast, RSFSR. The Oma is 268 km long and drains an area of 5,050 sq km. It flows across a marshy lowland and empties into Chesha Bay of the Barents Sea, forming an estuary. Fed by snow and rain, the Oma River abounds with fish, especially at its mouth.

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(1) See Object Management Architecture.

(2) (Open Mobile Alliance Ltd., La Jolla, CA, An organization formed in June of 2002 by the consolidation of the WAP Forum group and the Open Mobile Architecture Initiative. Like its predecessors, the OMA promotes interoperability and wireless standards for delivering email, Web pages and data to cellphones, PDAs, pagers and other mobile terminals. Member companies represent device suppliers, mobile operators, content providers and IT companies. See WAP.
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"The new mPOS Cashier System's direct payment with Bank integration solution implemented by Karma Technology and OMA Emirates is based on our distinct needs to continuously bring innovation within our stores and have met all the aspects of integration, battery life, device portability, security and aesthetics.
Samsung included a fix addressing this phishing flow in their Security Maintenance Release for May (SVE-2019-14073), LG released their fix in July (LVE-SMP-190006), and Huawei is planning to include UI fixes for OMA CP in the next generation of Mate series or P series smartphones.
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The OMA has delivered more than 200 technical specifications since 2002, enabling interoperability across geographies and network technologies in the mobile wireless and IoT markets.
Comment: Deal forms OMA SpecWorks, a joint organisation to focus on development of mobile and IoT standards
The association with OMA Emirates now as a business investor provides us greater prospects to larger markets as well as financial backing to continue our efforts in our RnD department," said, El Habib Alouah, Managing Director, North Africa
He also said that the OMA seeks to achieve its goals in cooperation with government health institutions and achieving various cooperation aspects among government health sectors in all fields.
Lauzier has been a valued member of the OMA, making a significant contribution as chair of the Mine Managers' Committee.
OMA Emirates, a solution provider of technology for the payment industry has announced the company's launch of end-to-end OMA Managed Services for banks.