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Object Management Architecture.

A set of standards under study by the OMG.



a river in Nenets National Okrug, Arkhangel’sk Oblast, RSFSR. The Oma is 268 km long and drains an area of 5,050 sq km. It flows across a marshy lowland and empties into Chesha Bay of the Barents Sea, forming an estuary. Fed by snow and rain, the Oma River abounds with fish, especially at its mouth.


(1) See Object Management Architecture.

(2) (Open Mobile Alliance Ltd., La Jolla, CA, An organization formed in June of 2002 by the consolidation of the WAP Forum group and the Open Mobile Architecture Initiative. Like its predecessors, the OMA promotes interoperability and wireless standards for delivering e-mail, Web pages and data to cellphones, PDAs, pagers and other mobile terminals. Member companies represent device suppliers, mobile operators, content providers and IT companies. See WAP.
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OGC and OMA are here at Mobile World Congress to illustrate how we deliver programs which support our member companies and the entire wireless industry throughout the technology development process, from requirements to standardization to implementation.
8220;Friendly Technologies brings to OMA a deep knowledge of the industry − knowledge that is crucial to the success of OMA's mission,” stated Seth Newberry, General Manager at OMA.
OMA Rotterdam: From its headquarters in The Netherlands the office is working on a master plan for the White City area of London; a harbour redevelopment and contemporary art Museum in Riga, the Cordoba Congress Centre in Spain; the redevelopment of the Mercati Generali in Rome, an architectural centre, offices and housing in Copenhagen, the new head office of Rothschild Bank in London and multi-use towers in Rotterdam and The Hague.
Boavista is a relatively well-heeled district, but around the OMA site any sense of civic continuity peters out into scruffy backstreets, vacant lots and car parks.
See the OMA Demo Day at Mobile World Congress 2013 Wednesday, February 27 from 15:00 - 19:00 Hall 8, Theater C.
Small- and medium-sized commercial businesses - typically those whose electric bill is usually less than $5,000 per month - who are or become members of the OMA can sign up to receive an OMA-negotiated price.
Victor Bravo Martin, OMA, CFO, +52-81-8625-4300 ext.
LiPS and OMA both work to standardize next-generation mobile services.
As a leader in developing and promoting OMA DM standards, Red Bend is dedicated to ensuring that our mobile software management solutions are interoperable with the broadest range of OMA DM-compliant servers and mobile data service enablers," said Yoram Salinger, CEO of Red Bend Software.
With the exercise of the over-allotment option, a total of 192,080,000 Series B shares have been placed, equal to approximately 48 percent of OMA's total equity, and represent the entirety of the Mexican government's shareholding in OMA.
OMA nowadays is synonymous with Fluxus, the Situationists, Pop and Dada all at once.
The OMA has expressed three major concerns related to Hydro's revised demand/supply plan.