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The Partners tendered their initial UML proposal to the OMG (UML 1.0) in January 1997 [7].
OMG bosses are calling on the public to back them over the new venue by signing a petition.
She told her fans on Instagram: "OMG I am so excited to announce that I'm partnering with in a bid to lead a healthier life and shift those extra pounds.
OMG's fruit juices with their added goodness from sugarcane are superior in both taste and health benefits and is a result of tirelessly perfecting the blend of fruits and sugarcane juice," said Neeraj Jalan, Co-founder, Nutricane Beverages.
If you hear yourself saying "OMG" the minute you put it on and others are thinking "OMG" the minute they see you in it then congratulations, you've found the one.
With a portfolio of lifestyle brands, including OMG Farms, Sonder and CaniBrands, the company is launching hemp-derived CBD products online across the USA and entering the California market with cannabis-based products.
In addition, CaniBrands plans to introduce new products in line with the OMG Farms brand strategy.
7096774193548 And OMG back at YOU!You did it!And that walk and confidence?I mean..