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There are many, many, many, many research and historical, ongoing and planned for the future, development efforts focused on OOA (or non-autoclave as it was called in the '80's) materials and processes with the goal of eliminating that monument, the autoclave.
The inclusion criteria were the following: (1) target population: Women attending for HSG to evaluate tubal patency; (2) intervention: OOA, IOA, NOA, TA, LIA; (3) methodological criteria: randomized controlled trials.
Una de las prioridades de los OOA es dotar de agua de manera continua a la poblacion y recolectar las aguas residuales.
Thus, selected writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson (See Whicher, 1957) harmonize well with OOA thinking such as in the following statements:
The OOA do not participate in war activities during times of conscription.
Oni OOA, Hui A, Gregg PJ: The healing of closed tibial shaft fractures: The natural history of union with closed treatment.
The integration approach taken has been to embed the modelling techniques of OOA within SSM.
Funding for the ID-GC/MS work was provided by the Belgian Government (contract OOA 12050690) and by the Fund for Medical Scientific Research (contract 33.
El objetivo del trabajo es explicar el desempeno diferenciado de los OOA de Hermosillo y Mexicali, a traves del enfoque de capacidad institucional (CI), el cual establece que las organizaciones poseen recursos para responder a los retos que enfrentan.
AOE, SO, EUE, OOA, NYS, IOA, ASS, POU, PIO, JAI, PJK contributed to data acquisition and interpretation, as well as critical revision for intellectual content.
or shorter) and on further developing OOA processes and equipment to reduce cycle times, but the high labor and scrap rates of laminate composites still need to be addressed.