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2 illustrates OOD of a screw motor with a massive rotor which is composed from modules of the induction motor (IM), machine with a massive rotor and screw.
For Shaeffer, filling the role of corpsman, NOW and OOD on board Swift keeps him on his toes and puts him always on call.
The OOD immediately informed the CO that the RHIB still was tied up along the port-side fantail, which caused the CO to order, "All engines stop.
The component should parse the Java code generated by the graphical component in order to create an object structure which represents a valid instantiation of the OOD Metamodel and Pattern Metamodel.
In OOD, a key skill is the assignment of responsibilities to objects, but it makes no sense to ask questions about object responsibility until candidate objects have been identified.
I have 2nd class petty officers standing OOD, 3rd classes standing engineering watch and all of them are cross-trained to take over for a crew member should the need arise.
Economy Minister Bozhidar Lukarski awarded investment certificates to VAK Invest OOD and Dreams Trans EOOD on Monday, the Economy Ministry said in a statement.
HOLLYW L OOD hardman TOM HARDY sounds like 's got his hands full on Christmas Day with the meal he's planning.
Central European Media Enterprises (NASDAQ:CETV) announced on Thursday it had agreed to buy Bulgarian free-to-air TV channel bTV and cable channels bTV Cinema and bTV Comedy, as well as 74% of Radio Company CJ OOD.