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This study intends to investigate the usability and effectiveness of user-interface features of Library OPAC among postgraduate students of International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM), in relation to variables that influence the usability and the extent that the interface features can enhance search and informational retrieval for the users (i.
There exist, however, many as yet untapped potential sources of terms, including the following: (1) users' search strings that are gathered as part of OPAC, database, and digital library systems' operations; (2) textbooks and other resources used in classrooms that have been designed by education experts (thesauri, dictionaries, encyclopedias, etc.
John Griffith, the controversial outgoing Coos County commissioner whose nomination to OPAC led to a years-long standstill in the process, abstained from the vote on the pilot projects, declaring the very idea of marine reserves unlawful.
Both the homework assignment and the group exercise provided a student-based perspective of the library and the OPAC and highlighted unexpected challenges.
Syndetics Solutions consistently adds to its archive of reviews, enabling libraries to create the same user experience with the OPAC - the front door of the catalog - that patrons have come to expect in e-commerce of all types.
At its previous meeting in October, OPAC saw just how hard it will be to strike a balance as port representatives and fishermen chimed in during public testimony to complain about most of the sites proposed.
The knuckle-cracker's dilemma: A transaction log study of OPAC subject searching.
Readers may order books by contacting LBPH staff 9-to-5 Monday through Friday, but Vo-PAC and OPAC customers also have the option of ordering selections independently and with complete privacy anytime day or night.
Kalin (1991) characterized remote OPAC users as individuals with high expectations whose appetite has been whetted by the convenience of remote access.
Beginning in July and continuing through September, current Syndetics customers will receive a sneak peek of the Spanish content in their OPAC.