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The academic libraries OPAC users manifest special and unique needs and problems during their searching for information.
As librarians, there are additional criteria that should be taken into consideration while deciding the format of the OPAC, including the following:
Merece una mencion especial el capitulo 8 dedicado a analizar los problemas y posibles soluciones del acceso por materias a los OPAC,s.
Ademas, otras funcionalidades como la presentacion personalizada de la informacion, la busqueda federada, el ranking de relevancia y, sobre todo, la comunicacion y colaboracion entre profesionales y usuarios (BOSS, 2005) han provocado el que se perfeccionasen otro tipo de los elementos, no siempre incluidos en la trilogia estructural del OPAC (1), como han sido y son los sistemas de ayuda al usuario.
Commercial OPAC vendors have also been implementing child-centered interfaces to their OPACs.
A new masterplan was drawn up in 1991, this time in consultation with the tenants, but it was rejected by the OPAC, which considered it too expensive.
An official source told reporter here on Friday, he said that recently Overseas Pakistanis Foundation (OPF) was set up OPAC for the welfare and development of Overseas Pakistanis.
Our kiosks quietly evolved from clunky pods of big monitors offering only the OPAC to sleek stations offering a variety of online services.
EOS International (EOS) has announced the release of the new Q Series Web OPAC version Winter 02.
Students were then given a homework assignment designed to provide them with practice searching the OPAC and familiarity with one of five key areas of the library: reference, periodicals, audiovisual materials, curriculum materials center, and two floors of circulating books.