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(1) (OpenGL Performance Characterization) An ad-hoc project group that established performance benchmarks for OpenGL in 1993. OPC became part of SPEC in 1994. See SPECgpc.

(2) (Open Platform Communications) A set of connectivity standards for industrial automation from the OPC Foundation, Scottsdale, AZ (www.opcfoundation.org). Originally "OLE for Process Control," OPC added extensions to Microsoft's COM and DCOM object technology in order to provide a set of common interfaces between Windows PCs and the shop floor. OPC offers interoperability between gauges, databases, programmable logic controllers (PLCs), distributed control systems (DCSs) and remote terminal units (RTUs). See OLE, PLC, DLC and RTU.

OPC Data Access (DA) reads and writes real-time data, while OPC Historical Data Access (HDA) deals with archived data.

OPC Unified Architecture is a secure communications protocol between the shop floor and the managment of the company.

OPC Vision
The OPC UA Companion Specification for Machine Vision provides a standard protocol for image processing systems to communicate with the machines on the factory floor.
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Patients ordered to OPC had fewer hospital readmissions and spent fewer days in the hospital only if they received OPC plus consistent community services for [greater than or equal to]6 months.
The OPC Unified Architecture blurs the distinction between Data Access, Historical Data Access or Alarms & Events in a way, that existing OPC applications are largely broken down on functional lines based on which of the OPC specifications are supported.
Flexibility and ease of use were paramount in the development of this OPC Server.
Evansville VA OPC 500 East Walnut Evansville, IN 47713 (812) 465-6242
Because of the limited time in the OPC, the optimum discharge intensity and frequency is determined by a balance between maximizing [P.sub.0] and minimizing [tau].
A reported $10 million was quickly signed over to the OPC; no outside accounting was required or made.
To a question, OPC Vice Chairperson said 90 percent of the registered cases with the OPC pertained to illegal occupation of the properties and lands, adding in most cases it was a tenant who had occupied a rental property or siblings who usurped an ancestral land or a forger who started litigation through some fake stamp-paper due to an absent overseas landlord.
It was also decided in the meeting that LHC Portal and web portal of the OPC will be linked so that complainants' data can be shared to address the grievances of Pakistani expatriates.
An OPC must also prove that it was adequately financed in order for the liability not extend to the single shareholder.
OPC spokesperson reaffirmed the group's commitment to a peaceful, free, fair and credible election stating that OPC under Aare Gani Adams had nothing to do with thuggery or violence.
He said OPC is playing an active role to settle the issues of Overseas Pakistanis and they can contact the OPC any time for resolution of their problems.