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a river in NE Western Australia, rising on the Kimberley Plateau and flowing generally north to the Timor Sea: subject of a major irrigation scheme. Length: about 500 km (300 miles)



An arch of two orders, 3, each having its carved hood molding
Doric order, 2
1. In Classical architecture, an arrangement of a particular style of column together with the entablature (which it supports) and standardized details, including its base and capital. The Greeks developed the Corinthian order, Doric order, and Ionic order; the Romans added the Composite order and Tuscan order. For each order, the height and spacing of the columns is established in terms of a specified number of diameters of the lower part of the columns; the design of the base and capital is also prescribed. The height of the entablatures is determined by the height of the columns.
2. In masonry, one ring of several around an arch.
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In a previous hearing, a court heard how Ord had called Childine 124 times in a seven-day period.
A good team move saw Lyons and Brooke Cochrane combine to set up Ord (below), who finished well.
We reported in June how Alexander Ord subjected two women and a schoolgirl to vile attacks while they were asleep and held down and raped a fourth victim in her own home.
One of the first major stories Mr Ord covered as a reporter for the station was the trial of Liverpool FC fans for involuntary manslaughter following the 1985 Heysel stadium disaster.
We are sure they will enjoy their stay and we look forward to welcoming them to the Muir of Ord shop.
Ord, fielding in the ring, did at last touch the ball during this period as Middlesex advanced to ten without loss before another deluge arrived to terminal effect.
30pm To make matters worse for Birmingham-born Ord, he, along with Keith Barker and Steffan Piolet, had to make the journey back to Durham last night for the start of a three-day Second XI Championship match at the Riverside today.
US Bio Ord, located in central Nebraska and adjacent to the Nebraska Central Railroad, is expected to produce approximately 50 million gallons of ethanol and 275,000 tons of modified wet distillers grains per year from the 15 to 18 million bushels of corn provided by local farmers.
Dominated by traditional architectural history, its focus was upon built form, rather than the heady stew of politics, bureaucracy, and personalities that Ord serves up.
The buildings, foundations and streets were crushed together to make road base for use in projects on the Fort Ord property and nearby.