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Since our generic model has been built using UML constructs a suitable mapping of the UML concepts onto the ORDBMS model has to be defined.
The classes from the conceptual model, which need to be made persistent by a StorageMechanism, which in this case is the ORDBMS, are mapped onto user-defined types and corresponding typed tables.
Like other ORDBMSs, Paradise supports nontraditional applications via an extensible type system.
We believe that the combination of Java and Informix ORDBMS technology provides key benefits to Visa.
The PLS Text DataBlade module and the Informix Illustra ORDBMS combine the advanced search algorithms of PLS with the Standard Query Language (SQL), storage and security of a relational database.
Under the terms of the agreement, Object/FX will integrate Illustra Server, the Informix ORDBMS database, within its SpatialWorks product suite and is currently scheduled to deliver Object/Spatial Server in the last quarter of 1996.
Omniscience ORDBMS is currently shipping on Windows 3.
Omniscience ORDBMS is based on an efficient and compact object kernel that is a light weight DBMS with a very small footprint.
Omniscience ORDBMS allows application developers to leverage the robust features and reliability of the relational model with the productivity and performance enhancements of the object database model.