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(operating system)
A real-time operating system written by Microware Corporation. The original version was written about 1978 for the Motorola 6809 and has since been ported to the Motorola 68000, Intel 80386, Intel 486, and the PowerPC. The kernel of OS-9 is ROMable, modular, with a unified file system, allowing it to easily be scaled up or down as required.


User Group.

Usenet newsgroup: news:comp.os.os9.


(1) (OS 9) See macOS.

(2) A Unix-like real-time operating system from Microware LP (www.microware.com) that is widely used in embedded systems. Originally developed as a Motorola 6809 assembly language, the version written in C runs on PowerPC, x86, ARM and other CPUs. OS-9 was also used for CD-I players. The original developer of OS-9 was Microware Systems Corporation, which RadiSys acquired in 2001. In 2013, RadiSys sold OS-9 to Microware LP, a joint venture of the resellers of the software. See CD-I and DAVID.
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We did not want to release a product for OS X that was not as stable, as reliable, and as widely accepted as our OS 9 FibreShare product.
Charismac's OS 9 version of FibreShare has a large installed user base running under OS9.
FibreShare for Mac OS X also sees and allows access to OS 9 volumes.
As users transition from Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X applications, they can utilize Suitcase 10.
Updated MenuFonts for Mac OS 9 Environment - Included with Suitcase 10.
While the public preview edition only runs under OS-X, the shipping release works equally well under OS 9 thanks to Apple Carbon technology.
0 provides essential tools which enable customers to optimize system performance and solve problems on Macintosh operating systems, including Apple's Mac(R) OS X Public Beta when launched from the Mac OS 9 partition or from the bootable CD.
Customers will also be able to scan and analyze Mac OS X Public Beta disks when launched from the Mac OS 9 partition or from the bootable CD.
0 can be run on a Mac OS X Public Beta disk when the user launches the product from a Mac OS 9 partition or from the bootable compact disk.
0 can run disk scans and repair files on Mac OS X Public Beta hard disks after launching the application from a Mac OS 9 partitions or the NAV-Mac bootable compact disk.
1 or higher, must boot from Mac OS 9 to repair Mac OS X Public Beta disks, 24MB of RAM, 15MB available disk space for installation, 10% of disk space available recommended when optimizing, CD-ROM drive, and an Internet connection (for LiveUpdate functionality).