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We found that peripapillary RNFL, CCT and IOP did not change with the severity of OSAS. We also found no correlation between apnea severity (AHI), lowest oxygen saturation (LAST) and BMI and RNFL, CCT and IOP.
Among the available questionnaires, The Epworth Sleepiness Scale is a validated tool to assess the daytime sleepiness and can be used for the screening of the OSA. [4]
However, there was a statistically significant difference in the presence of nocturia between patients with and without OSAS (p[less than or equal to]0.001).
Signing of the OSA was held in Singapore, with documents signed by the Director-General of the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore, Mr Kevin Shum, and the Director-General of the General Department of Civil Aviation of Armenia, Mr Sergey Avetisyan.
Compared to women, men would report a greater variety of OSA experience both overall and for the arousal-oriented OSAs.
Although extensive attention has been paid to the relationship of OSA with DR, no consistent conclusion has been obtained.
In a second screen, the following criteria were used to identify potentially suitable studies: (1) studies were written fully in English; (2) enrolled subjects were adults, above 18 years old; (3) OSA patients did not have major comorbidities; (4) the study included a control group; (5) OSA was diagnosed by polysomnography; (6) the study reported at least one of the measures of RV function and RV remodeling.
OSA is a common disorder of repetitive pharyngeal collapse during sleep.
However, this is difficult without reliable objective evidence of OSA, as symptom-based questionnaire screening has been shown to be unreliable at predicting OSA.
Among the various investigations used to diagnose OSA, polysomnography (PSG) is considered as the most reliable method of detecting the frequency of apneic and hypopneic events during sleep.
Patients completed the self-report questionnaires twice at baseline examination after the diagnosis of OSA and three months after CPAP therapy via telephone.