Otis, Elisha Graves

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Otis, Elisha Graves,

1811–61, American inventor, b. Halifax, Vt. From his invention (1852) of an automatic safety device to prevent the fall of hoisting machinery he developed the first passenger elevator (1857). The invention of the elevator was of great importance to architecture because it permitted the building of skyscrapers.
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Otis is a tall, semidwarf cultivar, with lax, tapering, inclined curved heads with white awns and white glumes that are long in length, wide in width with narrow, acuminate shoulders, and narrow beaks.
Also included with the Otis Elite Gun Cleaning System is a well put together instructional video on the system's use, a pocket-size bore light, and a darn fine portable cleaning kit that fits nicely into a small pack for the serious woodswalker.
Had Otis Ferry been a tearaway from an inner-city estate, he would have got an anti-social behaviour order, probation or even threatened with jail.
When Otis surprised the men, one of the two reached into the van.
For more information on OTIS and programs that support effective alarm management and the enhancement of public safety, visit the Security Industry Alarm Coalition at http://www.
He's in the middle of a tour with Otis Lee Crenshaw and his band The Black Liars, a tour which brings him back to Liverpool's Neptune Theatre next Wednesday.
Because of the networking system, OTIS has the ability to quickly call upon their entire organization and outside specialists in government and private industry anywhere in the world to assist in formulating a response to almost any inquiry.
But it was Elisha Otis, cutting the rope on his lift with his sabre for a fee of $100 at the New York World's Fair of 1854 that started the modern lift industry and enabled city buildings to rise above four storeys.
The late soul singer Otis Redding's hit song "Sittin' on The Dock of the Bay" was his biggest hit, and it was also his last recording.
Rita and Leo Ward reopened Otis Zark at Terra, the restaurant at Terra Studios in Durham, on March 18.