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Over the top.

Excessive or uncalled for.
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over-the-top broadcasting

A content provider that uses the Internet to deliver its material. For example, over-the-top (OTT) providers such as Netflix and Hulu stream movies and TV shows over networks provided by Internet service providers (ISPs). See over-the-top messaging, over-the-top service and ISP. See also overlay network.

over-the-top service

An over-the-top service refers to applications that use existing networks such as the Internet and cellular networks. It could easily be said that every application that accesses the Internet is an over-the-top service; however, the term is typically reserved for apps such as instant messaging (IM), video calling and voice over IP (VoIP) whereby two parties communicate with each other. See over-the-top broadcasting and over-the-top messaging.
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Like DEN Networks, there are many MSOs and ISPs in the country that are willing to recognize the potential in the OTT space and are changing their business models to welcome new growth opportunities and revenue options.
At the September face-to-face meeting of the Streaming Video Alliance in Amsterdam, Chris van der Linden, the director of quality & product operations at Liberty Global, presented four pillars of any OTT service: awareness, usability, relevance, and quality.
Given this fact, neither the telcos nor the OTT players can stay long without the other.
PTA, in consultation with federal government and stakeholders, would develop appropriate regulatory framework to treat VoIP and other OTT services.
* Operators can differentiate themselves better and increase customer loyalty by using an OTT service; for pure-play OTTs, meanwhile, partnering with operators can boost customer acquisition by exposing households to the service via pre-established customer relationships.
"My job is to provide TACAN services to Marine Corps aircraft," said Ott. "The TACAN not only gives pilots a way to find an airfield even in the worst condition so that they can land safely, but also shows them other locations within the area."
Ott has over 25 years of banking experience serving in senior leadership roles with Fleet Financial Group and Banknorth, Inc., including president of Fleet Bank of Maine and senior executive vice president and chief banking officer of Banknorth, Inc.
Judge Jeffrey Pegden said at Southwark crown court that Ott had used "gratuitous violence" and abused his power as a police officer.
The Axwave data allows the TV ecosystem understand how much time viewers are spending on OTT compared with standard linear TV.
"Telecom service providers (TSPs) offering fixed and mobile telephony are currently being overwhelmed by online content, known as over-the-top (OTT) applications and services," it adds.
Worldwide, there is an ongoing debate among governments, industry and consumers regarding regulation of OTT services and Net- neutrality.
OTT is the delivery of content like Netflix, icflix, etc, over the internet direct to home over telecom operators' network infrastructure without paying fees.