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see Office of War InformationOffice of War Information
(OWI), U.S. agency created (1942) during World War II to consolidate government information services. The OWI absorbed the functions of the Office of Facts and Figures, the Office of Government Reports, the division of information of the Office for
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OWI is proud to spotlight and honor those who are working to advance the identity industry, OWI Chief Executive and cofounder Travis Jarae said.
Given the pervasiveness of fascist sympathies Olson and fellow researchers found in US newspapers and even on US radio, it's not surprising that the OWI felt a need to propagandize the war effort in foreign-language-speaking communities.
The topics include lawyer advertising, client relations, motor vehicle division, pre-trial motions practice, OWI investigations: driving and field sobriety testing, blood alcohol calculations of attorneys, and OWI jury trial warpack.
One thing that kept coming up over and over was, 'Joe Smith Arrested for Eighth OWI,' and a week later, another paper would say someone was arrested for his sixth offense," said Ferak.
OWI sent out thousands of printed copies and went so far as to convince the Washington Post to print its contents in full ("United Nations Fight" 1942).
Eager to ease anxieties over war work and improve production rates by drawing women into the workforce, OWI optimistically saw a way to deflect class differences and dent labor unrest.
Certainly, writing center scholars have traditionally assumed that OWI is inferior to face-to-face instruction.
Ina joint venture publishers and the OWI launched new series of books, Overseas Editions, comprising carefully selected literature that had been published freely before the war and hence bore no taint of official interference: in other words 'the best propaganda is no propaganda'.
so OWI may seem natural to them in ways it doesn't to us.
Tras explicar la importancia de la figura del embajador Carlton Hayes (1942-1945), catolico y conservador, a la hora de llevar a buen puerto el aparato de propaganda norteamericano, y las dificultades inherentes que tuvo la propaganda de la Embajada y del OWI (Office of War Information) para difundirse en Espana (debido no solo a que el regimen dictatorial espanol controlaba todos los medios de comunicacion sino a que tambien era partidario declarado de la victoria de las potencias del Eje), Pizarroso se centra en los tres grandes canales de propaganda de la epoca: la prensa, la radio y el cine.
In 1948, President Harry Truman issued Executive Order 9608, terminating the OWI and transferring its international information functions to the Department of State.
What was once a relatively small sector has practically exploded this summer, with near-simultaneous releases of many new classroom audio products, including the WCM-RF from Calypso Systems, the Flat Field speaker line from Extron, new education packages for the CRS-101 line from OWI, the A+ system from Panasonic, the AP-60 from Epson, and the ClearSound ceiling speaker from Califone.