Oak Ridge

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Oak Ridge,

city (1990 pop. 27,310), Anderson and Roane counties, E Tenn., on Black Oak Ridge and the Clinch River; founded by the U.S. government 1942, inc. as an independent city 1959. For years Oak Ridge was used by the federal government to pursue activities in the fields of atomic energy and nuclear physics. The site was chosen (1942) for what was called the Clinton Engineer Works, and the city was built to house the workers who developed the uranium-235 and plutonium-239 for the atomic bomb. The community's existence was kept secret from most of the country until the summer of 1945. The project was under the control of the Atomic Energy CommissionAtomic Energy Commission
(AEC), former U.S. government commission created by the Atomic Energy Act of 1946 and charged with the development and control of the U.S. atomic energy program following World War II.
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, but the city has since (1955–59) been turned over to its residents. The former Clinton National Laboratory for nuclear research became (1948) the Oak Ridge National Laboratory. In the 1990s the federal government began decontaminating and leasing much of the complex to private industry, and one section was renamed the East Tennessee Technology Park. The Oak Ridge Associated Universities, a consortium of many educational institutions, manages the Oak Ridge Institute for Science and Education. Tourist attractions include the American Museum of Atomic Energy, a nearby nuclear graphite reactor, and an arboretum.

Oak Ridge


a city in the southern United States, in Tennessee. Situated on the Clinch River, a tributary of the Tennessee River. Population, 28,000 (1970). Located just west of Knoxville, Oak Ridge is a major center of the atomic industry in the United States and a leading center for research on the uses of atomic energy. A uranium (235U) production plant, the Oak Ridge National Laboratory, and the Oak Ridge Institute of Nuclear Studies are located in the city.

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With the recent establishment of the Manhattan Project National Historical Park, which includes several sites in Oak Ridge, the International Friendship Bell and Peace Pavilion is expected to be among the significant tour stops for visitors interested in the citys history.
In late 2011, Oak Ridge closed on a USD 10m capital raise of subordinated notes for the Minnetonka-based Minnwest Corp.
Nonetheless, integrating the labor history of the atomic facilities at Oak Ridge with the wider issues of the Manhattan Project during World War II and the arms race during the Cold War would strengthen this account.
In their opinion, the Oak Ridge facility would continue to provide the least onerous and restrictive setting at this time.
Using a laser in a vacuum, the Oak Ridge team vaporized a mixture of powders of the superconductive compound yttrium barium copper oxide (YBCO) and of barium zirconate, which doesn't superconduct.
Though the report didn't explicitly say so, the clear implication of its recommendations was that some of the production sites--most likely Y12 at Oak Ridge, Kansas City, and ultimately Pantex, should be shuttered entirely.
The East Tennessee chapter of the Society of Professional Journalists strongly opposes--and expresses disappointment--that Oak Ridge High School administrators censored the student newspaper.
Containment was of great concern in the original Manhattan Project to deal with radiologic hazards, and in the Oak Ridge centrifuge project (34) to contain infectious agents.
The metal being generated at Oak Ridge is being processed by a heavy-duty baler made by Harris Waste Management Inc.
Personally, I'm not an advocate against it because I work in the industry, and it doesn't scare me," he tells me at his plant in Oak Ridge.
The 1998 Oak Ridge Conference continued the trend of past Conferences in presenting an outstanding display of advanced analytical techniques, many of which will impact the clinical laboratory in the future.

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