San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

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San Francisco–Oakland Bay Bridge,

double-decked structure, W Calif.; built 1933–36 and (eastern section replacement) 2002–13. It has a total length of 8.25 mi (13.2 km). From San Francisco it crosses the bay to Yerba Buena Island, where a tunnel connects with the section leading to Oakland and Berkeley. The western section consists of two suspension spans joined at a central anchorage; the eastern of a self-anchored single-tower suspension span and viaduct. In the severe earthquake that hit the Bay Area in 1989, the eastern section of the bridge, then consisting of a cantilever span, several truss spans, and a causeway, sustained significant damage; the damage was repaired, but a replacement bridge subsequently was constructed between Yerba Buena and Oakland.
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Majestic urban expansion can be attributed to the three-decade 'make-over' of Las Vegas, Nevada; Fort McMurray in Alberta, Canada; Oakland Bay Bridge in San Francisco, California; and Chongqing, China.
My resume includes the Mackinac Bridge in Michigan, the New River Gorge Bridge in West Virginia, the Tappan Zee Bridge in New York, the Oakland Bay Bridge in California and the Sunshine Skyway Bridge in Florida.
Connecting the San Francisco peninsula with the mainland is the "other bridge", the Oakland Bay Bridge, which touches down midway on Treasure Island.
While there, she painted hundreds of drawings of workers on the San Francisco/ Oakland Bay Bridge.
(ZPMC) is using International Paint's Interzinc [R] 22 Inorganic Zinc Rich Silicate and Interfine [R] 979 Acrylic Polysiloxane paints to coat the 45,000-ton steel structures being used for the new east span of the San Francisco Oakland Bay Bridge.
The California Highway Patrol (CHP) and California Department of Transportation (CalTrans) required complete closure of the top and bottom decks of the Oakland Bay Bridge to traffic during the transfer of the LNG and CNG trailers across the bridge to Treasure Island.
The announcer uttered a phrase that simply wouldn't reconcile with my reality: "The Oakland Bay Bridge has collapsed." The Bay Bridge does not fall down, or so I thought.
Great package cover with an illustration of the Oakland Bay Bridge between San Francisco and Oakland.
San Francisco's Oakland Bay Bridge was one of many targets of a torrential storm which left California reeling yesterday.
Locations: Exterior shots include the Woodside mansion, the Bank of San Francisco on Montgomery and Clay streets, the Fairmont Hotel, Lombard and Hyde streets, the Oakland Bay Bridge and Nob Hill.
The "Should Be Made in America" campaign is a series of billboards, the first of which appeared in San Francisco near the Oakland Bay Bridge. The two billboards read: "The Bay Bridge: 100% Foreign Steel."

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