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Asimismo, existe un registro acerca de la anidacion de la especie en la provincia fisiografica del Istmo de Tehuantepec (Smith, 1982); no obstante, nuestro registro representa el primero para la planicie costera de Oaxaca.
Los topicos versaron sobre el papel de la bioetica en la educacion medica, la atencion medica y la relacion medico-paciente; los derechos humanos en Latinoamerica y el humanismo (renacentista, al final de la vida, y en la queja medica) y como humanizar la educacion en el area de la salud; la contribucion de la Comision Nacional de Bioetica de Mexico (CONBIOETICA) en la atencion humanista del sistema nacional de salud y los avances de los comites institucionales de bioetica y etica de la investigacion en Oaxaca.
Faulseit examines the Dainzu-Macuilxochiti region, tracking the household archeology in the valley of Oaxaca. They map it and give a record of the surface collection on Cerro Danush, offer the density distribution analysis, an analysis of surface artifacts, information from the excavation of terraces, the spatial distributions of artifacts, the implied behavioral patterns of an early postclassical residence, and a breakdown and reorganization at a local site.
MEXICO CITY -- A newspaper in the southern state of Oaxaca says one of its police beat reporters has been found dead.
According to media reports, 14 fishermen disappeared in the state of Oaxaca during the storm.
It had made landfall in the state of Chiapas, a rural region with archeological sites near the neighboring state of Oaxaca. Hundreds of people were being evacuated from affected areas in Chiapas, state civil protection officials said.
In late October, President Felipe Calderon inaugurated three new wind-power projects in Oaxaca, adding another 300 megawatts of wind-generated capacity to the state.