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Upper Austria,

Ger. Oberösterreich, province (1991 pop. 1,333,480), 4,625 sq mi (11,979 sq km), NW Austria. LinzLinz
, city (1991 pop. 203,044), capital of Upper Austria, NW Austria, a major port on the Danube River. It is a commercial and industrial center and a rail junction. Manufactures include iron and steel, machinery, electrical equipment, glass, furniture, beverages, shoes,
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 is the capital. Bordering on Germany in the west and the Czech Republic in the north, the province is predominantly hilly. It is drained by the Danube River and three of its tributaries, the Inn, the Enns, and the Traun, and includes a large part of the SalzkammergutSalzkammergut
, resort area in Upper Austria, Styria, and Salzburg provs., W Austria. Known since antiquity for its salt mines, the region was banned to visitors until the early 19th cent.
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 resort area. Agriculture is still an important branch of the economy, with dairy farming and cattle breeding being the most important. There are salt mines, oil wells, and gas fields in the region and a large number of electric power stations. Industry is centered at Linz, Steyr, the Traun and Ager valleys, and Ranshofen. Manufactures include chemicals, iron and steel, aluminum, processed foods, motors, trucks, ships, beer, agricultural machinery, sports equipment, shoes, optical utensils, and textiles. The area of Upper Austria was included in the Roman province of Noricum. In 1156 it was made a duchy by Frederick I and given to the BabenbergBabenberg
, ruling house of Austria (976–1246). It possibly descended from, or succeeded, a powerful Franconian family of the 9th cent. from whose castle the city of Bamberg probably took its name.
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 dukes of Austria. The province was invaded by the Turks in the 16th cent. It was a site of battles during the Thirty Years WarThirty Years War,
1618–48, general European war fought mainly in Germany. General Character of the War

There were many territorial, dynastic, and religious issues that figured in the outbreak and conduct of the war.
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 (1618–48) and during the campaigns of Napoleon INapoleon I
, 1769–1821, emperor of the French, b. Ajaccio, Corsica, known as "the Little Corporal." Early Life

The son of Carlo and Letizia Bonaparte (or Buonaparte; see under Bonaparte, family), young Napoleon was sent (1779) to French military schools at
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Upper Austria

a state of N Austria: first divided from Lower Austria in 1251. Capital: Linz. Pop.: 1 387 086 (2003 est.). Area: 11 978 sq. km (4625 sq. miles)
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Austrian multi-utility Energie AG Oberosterreich (EAG) said it had taken over a water power facility in Salzburg from a local hotel owner, for an undisclosed amount, to expand in the region.
This was decided by the EU Court of Justice, on 27 October (Case C-115/08 Land Oberosterreich vs CEZ as - see Europolitics Energy 766).
Among the 61 NUTS-2 regions, the other Austrian regions Oberosterreich (19), Wien (28), and Karnten (35), rank in the middle while Steiermark (40), Niederosterreich (50), and Burgenland (59) are located in the lower third of this series.
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today announced that it has received an environmental stewardship award from the Austrian state of Oberosterreich in recognition of the company's efforts to reduce the carbon footprint of a local hospital laundry.
Apart from Austria, Energie AG Oberosterreich is present in Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia.