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(Kombinat VEB Kabelwerk Oberspree), a combine for production of cables in the German Democratic Republic (GDR). Its members include all the major cable-producing enterprises of the country. The largest enterprises are the Oberspree and Köpenick cable works (both in Berlin) and the Nord works in Schwerin. The combine manufactures cables, wire, and fittings. A large part of the output is exported.

The Oberspree Cable Works is the basic enterprise of the combine. The plant began production in 1898 as part of the AEG company. In preparation for World Wars I and II, and during the wars, the Oberspree combine manufactured armaments. After World War II (1939–45), under the people’s government, the combine was converted to peacetime production. The combine has been awarded the Order of the Banner of Labor (1958) and the Order of Karl Marx (1974).


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There were a number of makers, including Mauser, Spandau, DWM, Schilling, Sauer, Simson & Co., Danzig, Haenel, Erfurt, Oberspree and, of course, Kornbusch & Co.
MODEL 1898 INFANTERIE GEWEHR Maker: DWM, Spandau, Danzig, Oberspree and others Action type: Bolt Action Caliber: 7.92 (8mm Mauser) Capacity: 5 Barrel length: 29.13" Overall length: 49.2" Weight: 9 pounds Finish: Blued barrel and triggerguard, white action Sights: V-notch rear, graduated to 2.000m inverted V front Stock: Walnut or beech (late war) Price: $200 to $600 depending upon maker and condition
Rapid Transition: The Privatization of the Kabelwerk Oberspree (KWO)(9)