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the district under the jurisdiction of a bishop



in ancient Rome, originally (beginning in the first century B.C.) a municipal district; during the principate, part of a province. From the period of Diocletian, at the end of the third century A.D., the diocese was a large administrative unit including several (up to 16) provinces. A total of 12 dioceses (later 15) were formed. The vicarius, who was subordinate to the praefectus praetorio, headed the diocese.

In the Catholic, and in some Protestant, churches the diocese is a territorial-administrative unit (an eparchy) headed by a bishop.

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Desde su fundacion, las comarcas de Etzatlan, Autlan, Amula, Sayula, Zapotlan y Colima pertenecieron en lo politico a la Nueva Espana, aunque en lo judicial y religioso dependian de la Audiencia de Guadalajara y de su obispado.
The author then ignores a wide array of other chronicles and contemporaneous printed and manuscript sources: the royally commissioned Relaciones geograficas, the vast collection called the Papeles de Nueva Espana, chronicles of Michoacan by friar-missionaries such as that by the Franciscan Diego de Munoz, the collection of documents titled Noticias para formar la historia y la estadistica del obispado de Michoacan as well as printed transcriptions of archival materials made available by Mariana de Jesus Torres and Juan Buitron.
from the synod of Don Pedro Ruiz de Valdivieso, Constituciones Sinodales del Obispado de Ourense compiladas hechas y publicadas por su senoria [Il.