Object Data Management Group

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Object Data Management Group

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(ODMG, previously ".. Database ..") An independent consortium that specifies universal object storage standards.

ODMG's members include object-oriented database management system (ODBMS) vendors and other interested parties. They aim to increase portability of customer software across products.

On 1998-04-27 ODMG changed its name from the Object Database Management Group to reflect the expansion of its efforts beyond merely setting storage standards for object databases.

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Object Data Management Group

(Object Data Management Group, Burnsville, MN, www.odmg.org) An organization founded in 1991 to promote object database standards. Disbanded in 2001 after completing its objectives, the ODMG added programming extensions to C++ and Smalltalk for accessing object databases. It also included a superset of SQL 92 Entry Level, the most widely supported version of SQL.

The ODMG defined an interface to the database, whereas the OMG (Object Management Group) defines an interface for objects in a distributed environment. The ODMG object model complies with the OMG standard (see CORBA).
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