Object Request Broker

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object request broker

[′äb·jikt ri¦kwest ‚brō·kər]
(computer science)
The central component of CORBA, which passes requests from clients to the objects on which they are invoked. Abbreviated ORB.

Object Request Broker

(ORB) Part of the OMG CORBA specification, an ORB's basic function is to pass method invocation requests to the correct objects and return the results to the caller.

To achieve this the ORB must be able must be able to identify and locate objects, handle connections from invoker and the data returned from methods. Communication between the ORB and applications are achieved through IDL stubs and skeletons whilst the OMG has specified IIOP as the protocol through which ORBs may communicate with each other. Using IIOP, an ORB may request method invocations from a remote object.
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The third new standard allows specialized object request brokers, such as those designed for realtime systems, to use application-defined network transports.
The MARS PTF will also evaluate three proposed specifications: one for Data Distribution for Real-time Systems, a second mapping from the Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP, used in mobile telephony) to CORBA, and third, a mechanism allowing programmers to add specialized protocols to Real-time Object Request Brokers.

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