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A combination of an accelerometer, gyroscope and magnetometer digital sensors measurements are used to ensure reliable object orientation in 3D space.
Three experiments investigated observers' ability to match computer-generated objects in projected depth as a function of the direction of depth disparity, object orientation, and object texture.
With regard to the difficulty of learning and using OO, experienced OO developers may have become so familiar with OO analysis, design, and programming they have forgotten any initial difficulty they might have encountered getting acquainted with object orientation.
Intrinsic to object orientation is the concept that most things are descendants of something else, and their attributes can be derived from something that is already in place, with usually minor adjustments.
Current discussions within the library community are addressing fundamental issues: cataloging objectives and surrogate requirements, a multiple object orientation in bibliographic records, the application of cataloging principles to digital resources and alternative record structures for local catalogs to meet access requirements, making this an enormously productive time in cataloging history.
Depending on the usage requirements object orientation tracking can be done either with external or internal tracking technologies and either within global reference frame or local reference frame.
However, the premise of this article is that object orientation alone, despite its useful formal foundation, is not quite sufficient to describe communicative aspects of documents, in particular the functional and rhetorical roles of visual design.
The volume covers all aspects of Java programming including input validation and data sanitization, declaration, expressions, object orientation, error behavior, threads, platform security, and the runtime environment.
Readers should be familiar with the concept of object orientation.
An application domain for which object orientation has been particularly successful is that of graphical interfaces.

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