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An Object-Based Concurrent Language.

The language for the ABCL MIMD system, written by Akinori Yonezawa <> of Department of Information Science, Tokyo University in 1986. ABCL/1 uses asynchronous message passing to objects. It requires Common Lisp. Implementations in KCL and Symbolics Lisp are available from the author.

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["ABCL: An Object-Oriented Concurrent System", A. Yonezawa ed, MIT Press 1990]. (1990-05-23).
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The primary design principles of ABCL/1 (an object-based concurrent language) are practicality and clear semantics of message passing.
The semantic power of the [pi]-calculus has been demonstrated in many ways--by encoding the [lambda]-calculus [26]; by embedding various data-types [23]; by translating higher-order primitives [23]; and by using it as a semantic domain for various object-based concurrent languages [31].

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