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see ObrenovićObrenović
or Obrenovich
, Serbian dynasty. Its founder, Miloš Obrenović (see Miloš), was the first modern Serbian ruler. The murder (1817) of Karageorge (Karadjordje), probably at Miloš's instigation, started the long feud between the
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Exactly how much Prince Peter Karageorgevich had to do with this is uncertain, but the army lost no time in proclaiming him king and he made a far better one than either of his Obrenovich predecessors.
Petersburg (Leningrad) to plead his case, he was ordered interned in the Ukraine; he managed to travel secretly through Bessarabia to Serbia (1817); there he fell victim to a plot between the pro-Turkish Serbian leader, Milosh Obrenovich, who wished for no competition to his role, and the Turkish vizier of Belgrade, resulting in the assassination of Karageorge while he slept in the village of Radovanje (July 25, 1817); his head was afterward sent to Istanbul.
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