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The closing of an opening or passage.
A form of intestinal obstruction in which the lumen is occupied by its normal contents or by foreign bodies.
Sealing of the breech of a gun to prevent escape of propellant gases in firing.



the sealing of the barrel when firing a firearm in order to prevent the forward or backward escape of powder gases.

In guns that load by cartridge, obturation is achieved by the use of a brass cartridge case that expands when the gun is fired and ensures that the barrel is sealed on the breech side. In artillery guns that are loaded separately, obturation is achieved by using special devices in the breech called obturators. Escape of the gases in the direction of shell movement is prevented by the rotary bands of shells and casings of bullets; in mortars it is prevented by annular grooves on the cylindrical part of the shell.

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Key Words: Obturation, Internal resorption, Obtura, Thermafil, lateral condensation.
The obturation technique had a significant impact on the filling quality of lateral root canals.
One of the examiners observed and described the macrostructual changes of dental tissues and obturation materials by direct observation of the sample and by using digital photographs of 20x (digital camera Sony[R] Cyber Shot[R] DSC-H50 of 8.
Long term prognosis depends on several factors like the quality of the obturation and coronal and apical seal.
After obturation, resin-modified glass ionomer cement was used to seal coronal portion (Figure 6).
It is characterized by the lateral thermal spreading from 1-4 mm, the ability for obturation (ligation) of the blood vessels not wider than 5 mm.
The access cavity and obturation for teeth with a C-shaped root canal system varies considerably and depends on the pulp morphology of the specific tooth.
5% NaOCl and Chlorhexidine, and obturation with gutta-percha and AH-26 sealer (Dentsply, USA).
I'm sure the engineering wasn't that simple, but by placing that plastic ball in the hollow base of the Foster slug, concentric obturation of the slug in the bore is achieved.