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see UnterwaldenUnterwalden
, canton, central Switzerland, one of the Four Forest Cantons. A mountainous, forested, and chiefly pastoral region, Unterwalden is divided into the half cantons of Obwalden (1993 pop.
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, Switzerland.
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Die Inventarisierung in vier weiteren Kantonen (Luzern, Nidwalden, Obwalden und Schwyz) wurden kurz nach Beginn aus unterschiedlichen Grunden abgebrochen.
As a result of the corporate tax rate drop, in three years the number of companies in Obwalden rose by over 50 per cent to around 3,000 in 2008.
Disappointed Obwalden officials have now gone to Plan B.
The authors wish to thank the local forestry staff of the Cantons Schwyz (Felix Cuny), Nidwalden (Urs Braschler), Obwalden (Joseph Hess), and Glarus (Pascal Heldher) for providing the study objects, Prof.
The 200-strong team, of Canton Obwalden, have built 100 igloos, some with kitchens, fireplaces and ice sofas.
The first of these cantons, Obwalden, introduced its religion and ethics program in 2005.
Both children - a girl aged two and her four-year-old brother - were killed instantly, said Stefan Kuechler, a spokesman for Obwalden state police.
And, if you somehow missed out on ski season, spectacular eternal snow awaits on Mount Titlis in Nid- and Obwalden standing at 3020 meter tall.
2) Argovia, Basel-City, Basel-Country, Geneva, Glarus, Neuchatel, Obwalden, St.
The two and a half year old girl and four year old boy were killed instantly, said Stefan Kuechler, police spokesman in Obwalden, central Switzerland.