Occupational Hazard

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Occupational Hazard


a factor in the work process or industrial environment that adversely affects the health and performance of the worker and, under certain conditions, can lead to an occupational disease. Occupational hazards may cause the efficiency of the worker to decline. They may give rise to acute and chronic poisonings or diseases, increase general (nonoccupational) morbidity, and produce long-term negative effects on, for example, heredity and the development of neoplasms. Occupational hazards include constrained, uncomfortable working positions; neuropsychic, visual, and auditory stress; and heavy physical labor. Physical hazards include noise, vibration, ultrasound, electromagnetic fields, high or low atmospheric pressure, and ionizing, ultraviolet, infrared, or laser radiation. Chemical hazards include organic and inorganic compounds, and biological hazards include antibiotics, hormones, and the causative agents of infectious diseases. Other occupational hazards include dust, unfavorable weather conditions, poor lighting and ventilation, and the increased risk of traumatism.


See reference under occupational disease.


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There are still few studies on occupational hazard in solid waste workers, which probably reflects the historical and social stereotyping faced by those professionals.
5% of the subjects said that they had received education on musculoskeletal occupational hazards before they started with clinical practice.
Occupational hazard refers to a risk or danger as a consequence of the nature or working conditions of a specific work.
In such a case, the Saudi worker should be subject compulsorily to the Occupational Hazard Branch.
Ruling parties continue to face a backlash and being voted out of office is a growing occupational hazard for politicians used to the trappings of power.
WHEN you're a professional rugby league player, you accept getting injured as an occupational hazard.
More specifically, they suggest that unhealthy eating could legitimately be considered a new form of occupational hazard and that workplaces, specifically those who employ shift workers, should lead the way in eliminating this hazard.
Both players had to miss practice yesterday, the latest to suffer in a part of the world where stomach troubles can be an occupational hazard for western visitors.
Broxburn-based Brady (left) - who will make his comeback in March after surgery eight-months ago on his damaged left knee - said: "Blowing engines is an occupational hazard.
Andrew Lyman, an executive with the Association of British Bookmakers, said that armed robberies in bookmakers' shops are an occupational hazard.
Shop-owners and the public want to see shoplifters properly punished, not just running the occupational hazard of getting fined if caught, '' he said.
Maybe there are some sacrifices you'll have to make eventually: It's an occupational hazard.

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