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(1) A party to a contract of forwarding agency. In the USSR, the forwarder is a socialist organization—such as a forwarding agency, an office of automotive, railroad, or inland-water transportation, a seaport, a forwarding organization of the executive committee of a local soviet or of a consumer cooperative system, or one of several other organizations whose charters provide for forwarding.

(2) A worker in an enterprise or organization who, in accordance with a labor contract, receives goods, accompanies them in transport and delivery, or signs shipping documents.

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Those cases held that the ocean freight forwarder could not bind the shipper to deals it made with the inland carrier without the shipper's consent.
As one of the leading Ocean Freight forwarders in Pakistan, Agility concentrates on a portfolio of major global carriers to ensure the space, sailings and transit time that you require.
Summit's facilities are custom-bonded and TSA-certified, allowing Summit to play a critical role in providing import/export solutions to air freight forwarders, ocean freight forwarders, airlines, and other providers of international transportation and logistics services.
In 2015, the top five ocean freight forwarders were listed, in order, as: Kuehne + Nagel, DHL, Sinotrans Limited, DB Schenker and Pantos Logistics.
The population of freight forwarders was drawn from Members of the International Ocean Freight Forwarders Association, Republic of China, in 2000.
Schenker, one of the largest land, air and ocean freight forwarders in Germany and Europe, has annual sales of 10.5 billion Deutschemarks, and 28,500 employees in 1,000 offices worldwide.
shippers from disclosure to their foreign competitors, privatize the tariff information publishing function, and reform the licensing and bonding requirements for ocean freight forwarders.
Ocean freight forwarders submit instructions to the carrier, who prepare the actual ocean bill of lading.

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