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(1) A party to a contract of forwarding agency. In the USSR, the forwarder is a socialist organization—such as a forwarding agency, an office of automotive, railroad, or inland-water transportation, a seaport, a forwarding organization of the executive committee of a local soviet or of a consumer cooperative system, or one of several other organizations whose charters provide for forwarding.

(2) A worker in an enterprise or organization who, in accordance with a labor contract, receives goods, accompanies them in transport and delivery, or signs shipping documents.

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As mentioned earlier, the top ocean freight forwarders include Kuehne + Nagel, DHL and Sinotrans Limited--all of which already compete aggressively for market share.
Air freight forwarders are ranked by total metric tons and ocean freight forwarders are ranked on container shipments measured in 20-foot-equivalent units, or TEUs.

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