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, in Greek mythology, female divinity associated with various natural objects. It is uncertain whether they were immortal or merely long-lived. There was an infinite variety of nymphs. Some represented various localities, e.g.
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sea nymphs of the great oceans. [Gk. and Rom. Myth.: Wheeler, 263]
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three thousand daughters of Oceanus and Tethys. [Gk. Myth.: Zimmerman, 178]
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How and where did the chorus of Oceanids make their entry?
As the text of the play (114-27) makes clear, Prometheus is unable to see the Oceanids as they arrive.
Panthea and Ione, two Oceanids. Panthea and Asia, Prometheus' wife, learn from Demogorgon that Prometheus will be set free.
At last Prometheus asked Panthea and Ione, the two Oceanides, to repeat to him the curse he had pronounced upon Jupiter when Jupiter had first begun to torture him.