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(ōsē`ənəs), in Greek mythology. 1 Circular stream that flows around the edge of the earth. The sun and moon rise from and descend into this stream; it is the source of all rivers. 2 Personification of the circular stream described above. He was the Titan son of Uranus and Gaea, the husband of Tethys, and the father of the river-gods and the sea nymphs (or oceanids). He was conceived of as a powerful but kindly old man. Some legends say that Dione was also the daughter of Oceanus and Tethys.


(oh-shee-ahn -ŭs, -see-) A very large relatively smooth dark area on the surface of the Moon. The word is used in the approved name of such a feature. See also mare. (Latin: ocean)



in ancient Greek mythology, a Titan who controlled the world stream, which encircled the earth; the son of Uranus and Gaea.

Oceanus joined Zeus and the other Olympian gods in the battle against the Titans. Therefore, when Zeus triumphed and the Titans perished, Oceanus retained power over the world stream. A number of female divinities, the Oceanids, were considered to be the daughters of Oceanus. The gods of various seas and rivers were also considered to be related to him. In later myths, Oceanus was replaced by Poseidon.

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There were similarities between Thales's philosophy and the ancient legends and myths, specifically the ones about Oceanus and his consort Tethys, who was both sister and wife of Oceanus and whose name has etymological ties to Tiamat and Tehom.
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