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a city (since 1926) and the administrative center of Ochamchira Raion, Abkhazian ASSR. Situated on the Black Sea, at the mouth of the Galidzga River. Population, 19,000 (1974). Ochamchira has a railroad station on the Armavir-Samtredia line, and there is a 26-km-long branch line from Ochamchira to Tkvarcheli. It has an oil-extraction plant, a cannery, two tea factories, a tobacco-curing enterprise, and an industrial combine. A poultry hatchery was under construction in 1974.

Archaeological remains dating from various times have been discovered in the region of Ochamchira. The most thoroughly examined of these is a settlement located 5 km north of Ochamchira. Investigated by M. M. Ivashchenko and L. N. Solov’ev in 1935–36, it contains strata from the early Bronze Age, ancient Greek and Roman times, and the Middle Ages. In the oldest stratum, dating back to the third millennium B.C., excavations have uncovered shards (for the most part of crudely made clay vessels of various shapes), sinkers and other implements made of pebbles, stone grain mortars, flint arrowheads, inserts for sickles, and various implements made of bone. The inventory of this stratum resembles the inventory from the dolmens and other remains of the early Bronze Age in Abkhazia and the Colchis Lowlands. The Ochamchira region has settlements well known for their painted textiles, which date back to the first millennium B.C. It is theorized that there was a Greek trading post here during ancient times.


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Description : The project aims at creation of Youth Banks at 10 municipalities, Gudauta, Ochamchire, Sokhumi, Zemo Barghebi, Gali, Khobi, Khoni, Gori, Marneuli, and Dedoplistskaro.
(41) In addition, new checkpoints were added in the Ochamchire and Tkvarcheli regions and an additional 400 Volgograd railway troops were deployed.
A part of the Black Sea Fleet also was deployed to Ochamchire in Abkhazia.
Moscow also plans to build a naval base in Ochamchire on Abkhazia's northern coast.
A part of the Black Sea Fleet also was planned to be deployed to Ochamchire in Abkhazia.