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, common name for the Bombacaceae, a family of deciduous trees, often tall and with unusually thick trunks, found chiefly in the American tropics. The family includes many commercially important members, e.g.
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Ochroma lagopus. A tropical American tree in the order Malvales; its wood is strong and lighter than cork.

balsa, corkwood

The lightest of all woods, with density of about 7 to 10 lb per cu ft (110 to 160 kg per cu m); used for the core of lightweight sandwich panels, models, etc.


1. a bombacaceous tree, Ochroma lagopus, of tropical America
2. the very light wood of this tree, used for making rafts, etc
3. a light raft
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Experiments were conducted on Ochroma lagopus (Bombacaceae) and Hyeronima alchorneoides (Euphorbiaceae) growing in plantations.
Terminalia catappa Primary-dry Bursera simaruba Ochroma lagopus Secondary-dry Trema macantra Bursera simaruba Cecropia spp.