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the cord of eaten by ass as quickly as it is made. [Gk. and Rom. Myth.: Wheeler, 767]
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Dalyell (1851, cited by Monticelli [39]) observed dividing Ocnus (as Cucumaria) lactea and Ocnus (as Cucumaria) planci.
The Aeneid makes Mantuans descendents from a son of Manto, Ocnus, perhaps in accordance with Manto's divination.
On September 26, 2008, during an interview for the online news periodical Ocnus.Net, Roubini articulated how a corrupt binge and purge philosophy was at the core of much of the administration's behavior.
(53) The commentators of GCA 2004, 502 consider the identification of the lame duo as Ocnus and his donkey to be uncertain.
World 11/8/04, Ocnus. Net, File://A: Dutch Disease 1.htm.
Yet his own account of the founding of Mantua in Aeneid X differs by saying that it was established and named for "sybilline Manto" by her son Ocnus (ll.
He hung on by a neck from Ocnus and then survived an objection from the rider of the runner-up.
Tambien esta presente en altas densidades (33 ind./ [m.sup.2]) el holoturoideo detritivoro Ocnus suspecta.
Currently, Greg Lawrence of Ocnus Productions is producing Kevin Spencer, an animated series about a psychopathic kid who lives with his white-trash parents, a comedy in the vein of South Park.
En cuanto a la abundancia, Satyrinae con el 57 e Ithominae con el 29% de los registros obtuvieron los mayores valores de abundancia; las especies mas comunes en esta localidad son: Pedaliodes simpla, Pronophila ocnus, Euptychoides griphe, Oleria makrena, Elzunia humboldt.