October 3

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October 3


Birthday of the Goddess of Mercy (March-April, 19th day of third lunar month; October-November, 19th day of 10th lunar month) Oct 3, 2012

Festival of the Rosary (First Sunday in October) Oct 3, 2021

Fiesta of San Francisco (September 26-October 4)

First Monday Trade Days (Thursday through Sunday before first Monday of each month) Oct 3, 2013; Oct 3, 2014; Oct 3, 2015; Oct 3, 2019; Oct 3, 2020; Oct 3, 2021

Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15)

La Fiesta de Agua (First Sunday in October) Oct 3, 2021

Mountain State Forest Festival (Last weekend in September through first week in October)

National Fire Prevention Week (Week including October 9) Oct 3, 2021

Paul Bunyan Show (First full weekend in October) Oct 3, 2015; Oct 3, 2020; Oct 3, 2021

Red Flannel Festival (First Saturday of October) Oct 3, 2015; Oct 3, 2020

River to Reef Festival (First Sunday in October) Oct 3, 2021

Legal Holidays by Countries

Day of German UnityGermany
Day of the SoldierHonduras
Labour DayNew Zealand
National Foundation DaySouth Korea
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53:34 Date: Oct 03, 2012 14:Plate:Composite; GEN_NoticeTo_2x2.
00 mm);Plate: Composite;Date: Oct 03, 2012 14:54:00
20 per cent for the week ending on Oct 03, the Pakistan Bureau of Statistic revealed.
Data further showed that average price of eighteen items including, Diesel, petrol, potatoes, sugar, chicken live, kerosene oil, Moong pulse washed, beef, wheat, onion, wheat flour bag, Masoor Pulse washed, mutton, milk powered NIDO, Rice IRRI etc increased during the week ended on Oct 03.
Wellington, Oct 03 ( ANI ): Tanzania's lethal lake Natron turns any animal that touches it into stone, it has been revealed.
Oct 02 - Oct 03 FINA/Arena Dubai Swimming World Cup
Recommendation France -44 2pts Evs Hills HEAD-TO-HEAD Oct 03 France .
Oct 03, ECQ: SCOTLAND 1-0 Lithuania Scotland needed a win to clinch a play-off spot for Euro 2004 and Darren Fletcher's 70th minute goal sealed the vital victory.
Oct 03, 2010 Damascus, (SANA)- Damascus dailies on Sunday front-paged the following headlines: -President al-Assad meets Khamenei and discusses with Ahmadinejad opening new prospects of cooperation, finding suitable solutions to the issues of the region and supporting an Iraqi national unity government.
Oct 03 - "What is happening to disciplinary proceedings at the FA?
Patuxent River MD issued 281319Z OCT 03, which was a response to a different injury with a similar causal factor.
Holiday must be taken between 1 Sep - 17 Oct 03 and is subject to availability.