October 1

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October 1


Artcar Fest (Last weekend in September) Oct 1, 2017; Oct 1, 2023

Birthday of the Goddess of Mercy (March-April, 19th day of third lunar month; October-November, 19th day of 10th lunar month) Oct 1, 2015

Boone Festival (First full week in October) Oct 1, 2017; Oct 1, 2023

Botswana Independence Day (September 30-October 1)

China National Days (October 1-2)

Fiesta of San Francisco (September 26-October 4)

First Monday Trade Days (Thursday through Sunday before first Monday of each month) Oct 1, 2011; Oct 1, 2015; Oct 1, 2016; Oct 1, 2017; Oct 1, 2020; Oct 1, 2021; Oct 1, 2022; Oct 1, 2023

Galway Oyster Festival (Last weekend in September) Oct 1, 2017; Oct 1, 2023

Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15)

La Fiesta de Agua (First Sunday in October) Oct 1, 2017; Oct 1, 2023

Mountain State Forest Festival (Last weekend in September through first week in October)

Paul Bunyan Show (First full weekend in October) Oct 1, 2011; Oct 1, 2016; Oct 1, 2022

Legal Holidays by Countries

Cyprus Independence DayCyprus
Independence DayNigeria, Palau
Investiture of the Regent CaptainsSan Marino
Labour DayNew Zealand
National DayHong Kong
Patriotism DayRwanda
Public HolidayBotswana
Teacher's DayUzbekistan
Holidays, Festivals, and Celebrations of the World Dictionary, Fourth Edition. © 2010 by Omnigraphics, Inc.
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Group E: Sep 18 Feyenoord v Juventus, Dynamo Kiev v Newcastle; Sep 24 Newcastle v Feyenoord, Juventus v Dynamo Kiev; Oct 1 Juventus v Newcastle, Feyenoord v Dymano Kiev; Oct 23 Newcastle v Juventus, Dynamo Kiev v Feyenoord; Oct 29 Juventus v Feyenoord, Newcastle v Dymano Kiev; Nov 13 Feyenoord v Newcastle, Dynamo Kiev v Juventus.
Group F: Sep 18 Man Utd v Maccabi Haifa, Olympiakos v Leverkusen; Sep 24 Leverkusen v Man Utd, Maccabi Haifa v Olympiakos; Oct 1 Maccabi Haifa v Leverkusen, Man Utd v Olympiakos; Oct 23 Leverkusen v Maccabi Haifa, Olympiakos v Man Utd; Oct 29 Maccabi Haifa v Man Utd, Leverkusen v Olympiakos; Nov 13 Man Utd v Leverkusen, Olympiakos v Maccabi Haifa.
Group G: Sep 18 Bayern Munich v Deportivo, Milan v Lens; Sep 24 Lens v Bayern Munich, Deportivo v Milan; Oct 1 Deportivo v Lens, Bayern Munich v Milan; Oct 23 Lens v Deportivo, Milan v Bayern Munich; Oct 29 Deportivo v Bayern Munich, Lens v Milan; Nov 13 Bayern Munich v Lens, Milan v Deportivo.
Group H: Sep 18 Lokomotiv Moscow v Galatasaray, Barcelona v Bruges; Sep 24 Bruges v Lokomotiv Moscow, Galatasaray v Barcelona; Oct 1 Galatasaray v Bruges, Lokomotiv Moscow v Barcelona; Oct 23 Bruges v Galatasaray, Barcelona v Lokomotiv Moscow; Oct 29 Galatasaray v Lokomotiv Moscow, Bruges v Barcelona; Nov 13 Lokomotiv Moscow v Bruges, Barcelona v Galatasaray.
European Veg Oil AM Palm & Lauric Oil Prices- Oct 1
Oct 1, Ballet Folklorico de Mexico, Abraham Chavez Theatre, One Civic Center Plaza, 915/534-0609, 915/534-0687
Bishop Of Cashel Cheveley Park pounds 3,000 (Oct 1)
Carlingford Castle Walton Fields pounds 600 (Oct 1)
Cyrano de Bergerac Manor House Farm pounds 1,250 (Oct 1)
Definite Article Morristown Lattin Irpounds 5,000 (Oct 1)
Environment Friend Helshaw Grange pounds 1,500 (Oct 1)
Lugana Beach Throckmorton Court pounds 2,000 (Oct 1)