October 31, 2018

October 31, 2018


All Saints' Day and All Souls' Day (October 31-November 2)
Celebrated in: Guatemala, Peru

London Bridge Days (Last week in October)

Pirates Week (Last week in October)

Sihanouk's Birthday (October 29-October 31)

Legal Holidays by Countries

Reformation DaySlovenia
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Kamala Harris, called on the Director of National Intelligence to declassify a letter sent October 31, 2018, that responded to questions about whether China interfered in the 2016 and 2018 U.S.
The Annual Report on Form 10-K for the year ended December 31, 2018 will be the company's first annual report since the completion of the Business Combination on October 31, 2018. Due to the timing of the completion of the Business Combination and the complexity of acquiring a multinational organization coupled with the business divestitures required in order to obtain certain antitrust approvals, the company requires additional time to complete certain analyses and disclosures to be included in the 2018 Form 10-K.
The bench observed that Qari Mohammad Salaam, the petitioner, had failed to establish his case and could not point out any mistake in the SC October 31, 2018 order.
The company reported expenses of USD4,493,336 for the year ended October 31, 2018 compared with USD2,772,709 in the year-ago period.
As of October 31, 2018, Eaton Vance had consolidated assets under management of USD 439.3 billion.
The Council reviewed a number of topics, including a report on the financial position of the state until October 31, 2018 and the expected results of the budget at the end of 2018.
(NASDAQ: CMTL) has reported its operating results for the first fiscal quarter ended October 31, 2018, the company said.
Public debt of Kyrgyzstan as of October 31, 2018 reached $4.427 billion or 308.497 billion soms, the Finance Ministry data showed.
Net income was $224.6 million or $5.10 diluted per share for the year ended October 31, 2018, compared with $206.5 million or $5.40 diluted per share for the year ended October 31, 2017.
Further, the aggregate amount of CGT arising on trading of future commodity contracts at Pakistan Mercantile Exchange, for the period September 01, 2018 to October 31, 2018, would also be collected from the Pakistan Mercantile Exchange on Thursday, November 29.
Colleen Hill, nee Bex, age 79, born and raised in Williams, Indiana, passed away October 31, 2018. Beloved Wife of the late Robert G.
Mangdechhu project will export 3bn units everyyear to India.He said the projecttariff is under discussionbetween the Governmentof India and the RoyalGovernment of Bhutan.The total expenditureincurred as of October31 this year includingadvances is around Nu46bn and expenditureincurred from majorcontract for dam,headrace tunnel,underground powerhouse,hydro-mechanical,electro-mechanical andtransmission lines and itsATS is around Nu 37bn.Major expenditure wasmade on construction ofthe dam amounting to Nu9bn as of October 31, 2018.The first revised costestimate of Nu 40.2bnat 2014 price levelwas approved by theGovernment of India,which is an increase ofNu 11,24bn from theinitial approved cost ofNu 28.96bn at March 2008price level.