October 4

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October 4


Black Cowboys Parade (Saturday in October) Oct 4, 2014

Fiesta of San Francisco (September 26-October 4)

First Monday Trade Days (Thursday through Sunday before first Monday of each month) Oct 4, 2012; Oct 4, 2013; Oct 4, 2014; Oct 4, 2015; Oct 4, 2018; Oct 4, 2019; Oct 4, 2020

Hispanic Heritage Month (September 15-October 15)

La Fiesta de Agua (First Sunday in October) Oct 4, 2015; Oct 4, 2020

Mountain State Forest Festival (Last weekend in September through first week in October)

Paul Bunyan Show (First full weekend in October) Oct 4, 2014; Oct 4, 2015; Oct 4, 2020

Red Flannel Festival (First Saturday of October) Oct 4, 2014

Tarantula Fest and Barbecue (First Saturday of October) Oct 4, 2014

World Space Week (October 4-10)

Legal Holidays by Countries

Day of Peace and ReconciliationMozambique
Independence DayLesotho
Labour DayNew Zealand
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October 4, 2013 (UKRAINE): A man being interviewed by guards at the Russian-Ukraine border blew himself up, wounding two guards.
Flight number IX337/350 (Kozhikode-Muscat-Kozhikode) will not be operational on (Mondays) September 13, September 20, September 27, October 4, October 11, October 18, October 25, (Tuesdays) September 21, September 28, October 5, October 12, October 19, October 26 and on (Wednesdays) September 22, September 29, October 6, October 13, October 20 and October 27.
October 4, 20004 Decatur/Atlanta, GA Reiki Circle-7pm Love Offering: Everyone invited.
Kelly Norman Ellis will read and sign copies of her book of poetry Tougaloo Blues October 4: 4:00 p.m.
On October 4, 2001, we confirmed the first bioterrorism-related anthrax case identified in the United States in a resident of Palm Beach County, Florida.
On October 4, the Florida Department of Health (FDOH) Bureau of Laboratories confirmed B.
l Polesworth and Dordon Group Practice - Wednesday, October 4, 2pm to 4pm, Monday, October 9, 2pm to 4pm, Tuesday, October 10, 8.30am to 12.30pm, Wednesday, October 11, 2pm to 4pm, Thursday, October 12, 2pm to 4pm, Friday, October 20, 8.30am to noon.
l Spring Hill Medical Centre - October 4, 2pm to 4pm, October 5, 2pm to 4pm, October 6, 3pm to 4pm, October 16, 2pm to 4pm, October 19, 2pm to 4pm, October 20, 3pm to 4pm, October 21, 10am to noon, October 25, 2pm to 4pm, October 26, 2pm to 4pm, October 27, 10am to noon.
October 4, 2011 (SOMALIA): An al Shabab suicide bomber driving a truck packed with explosives killed more than 100 people in a massive blast in Mogadishu.
"Introduction to rubber technology," a one-day seminar for those new to the industry, working in stiles, administration, human resources or any other non-technical area looking for a very basic, easy-to-understand introduction course to the jargon of the trade and what goes on in the factory and laboratory, will be held Monday, October 4, from 8:30 a.m.
Tuesday, October 4, 2011, at the funeral home, funeral service 11 a.m.
TAPPI Gulf Coast Local Section Meeting October 4.5 Environmental Program Biloxi, Mississippi, USA Clayton Hackett, +1 662 2446020