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Thanks go to Peter Blias of the South Australian Museum for CT scanning the specimen, Chris Jones for discovering the specimen on the octocoral, David Whillas for the ROV operations, Ed Roberts for photographing the specimen, and the crew of Eye to Eye Marine Encounters for their logistical support.
Gorgonians are octocorals while the Hawaiian gold and black corals are hexocorals.
Its ready-to-set larvae attach with a byssus to hard substrates including other pearl oysters, rocks, dead coral and octocorals, other molluscan shells, and barnacles (Table 1).
Dispersed octocorals and algae on sand bottom in calm water in 4-8 m of water (not many pearl oyster), and 5.
Additionally, we have sequenced the entire mtMSH gene for multiple octocorals and preliminary analysis shows that this gene has an open reading frame in all species.
Katy Muzik Marine Biologist/Tropical Octocorals On Leave from Harvard Museum of Comparative Zoology
They are found throughout the world's oceans in an amazing assortment of habitats: level-bottom muds subtidally on the continental shelf to hadal depths >7,000 m in deep-sea trenches, interstitially in sands, upon isolated seamounts rising from the seafloor at 4,000-m depths, upon octocorals, and from the tropics to polar regions.
Descriptions and re-descriptions of the Hawaiian Octocorals collected by the U.