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a. not divisible by two
b. represented or indicated by a number that is not divisible by two
2. Maths (of a function) changing sign but not absolute value when the sign of the independent variable is changed, as in y=x3
3. Golf
a. one stroke more than the score of one's opponent
b. an advantage or handicap of one stroke added to or taken away from a player's score
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(1) (Optical Disc Drive or Optical Digital Disc) See optical disc.

(2) (Object Data Definition) A description of the data in an object. See object.
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But the vacancy did not occur, nor did a steady job; and I employed the time between odd jobs with writing a twenty-one- thousand-word serial for the "Youth's Companion." I turned it out and typed it in seven days.
"Monday, there were the odd jobs about the house to be begun.
I was amused at the idea of its being a 'little odd job' to find the Royal Baby.
There were often odd jobs to be got about the fish-market.
Also, he worked at odd jobs, and the work was play as well as learned investigation, for he delighted in it and was always returning home with copious notes and bubbling over with new adventures.
He did odd jobs, such as cutting wood for kitchen stoves and mowing the grass before houses.
He could not hope to tide himself over by odd jobs of loading trucks; he could not even sell newspapers or carry satchels, because he was now at the mercy of any rival.
He had been on the staff of an English paper in Paris, but had been dismissed for drunkenness; he still however did odd jobs for it, describing sales at the Hotel Drouot or the revues at music-halls.
I had been hired by the legendary conceptual artist Lawrence Weiner and his wife Alice to do various odd jobs around their modest home-studio in Greenwich Villageto be his house boy, or what I liked to call his Chauncey (aka Chance) the Gardner.
Summary: Ahmedabad (Gujarat) [India], Aug 21 (ANI): In a unique initiative, Ahmedabad Traffic Police has been imparting free education to around 200 children living on city footpaths and doing odd jobs for livelihood.
Others take up odd jobs such as working at a garage or supermarkets to support their families.