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village: see HardangerfjordHardangerfjord
, second largest fjord of Norway, penetrating 114 mi (183 km) from the Atlantic Ocean into Hordaland co., SW Norway. A southern branch, the Sørfjord, cleaves the Hardangervidda, a barren and rocky plateau, for 25 mi (40 km); at its head are the village of Odda and
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According to Boliden, its Odda facility has successfully improved its cost position in recent years, with the help of an extensive action programme.
Elevance is making Inherent[TM] C18 diacid, also known as octadecanedioic diacid or ODDA, using a unique and efficient production process and materials produced from its world-scale biorefinery in Gresik, Indonesia.
One such other connection with mathematics colleagues is also shown in the "Erdos number" (Goffman 1969; Odda 1979), a measure of the "degrees of separation" from coauthorship with Paul Erdos.
Elevance's unique, efficient process to produce C18 diacid, also known as octadecanedioic acid or ODDA, uses materials produced from its world-scale biorefinery in Gresik, Indonesia.
"Well, this is a very special cause," said Genna Odda, who came up from Mississippi with her husband and dog, Sophia.
Instead, in her first chapter, she uses Earl Odda as the chief example by which to examine the characteristics, wealth, and careers of eleventh-century earls.
To the Editor: Approximately 90 percent of persons who have ingested medication under Oregon's Death with Dignity Act were enrolled in hospice care; however, Courtney Campbell and Jessica Cox's recent examination of hospice policies and guidelines related to the ODDA found that, while most hospices participate to some extent, no hospice is willing to assist to the fullest extent permitted by law.
vespiformis, both known to be drawn to Z,Z-3,13-octadecadienyl acetate (ODDA)/E,Z-3,13-octadecadienyl acetate at a ratio of 9:1 (Greenfield & Karandinos 1979; Voerman et al.
During the past decades zinc smelter in Odda (Norway) was jeopardizing the environment and human health with elevated concentrations of heavy metals.
John Odda (a), Sibylle Kristensen (b), John Kabasa (c) & Paul Waako (a)
That ever touched on Navajo, Sioux, Cherokee, and dem odda nations'