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village: see HardangerfjordHardangerfjord
, second largest fjord of Norway, penetrating 114 mi (183 km) from the Atlantic Ocean into Hordaland co., SW Norway. A southern branch, the Sørfjord, cleaves the Hardangervidda, a barren and rocky plateau, for 25 mi (40 km); at its head are the village of Odda and
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Participants" are limited to the attending physician, the consulting physician, and/or the psychiatric or psychological counselor; participants who follow the ODDA are protected by law (ORS 127.
That ever touched on Navajo, Sioux, Cherokee, and dem odda nations'
They said Odda was shot and killed shortly after he left his home at 4.
The way the quote was written made it sound like ODDA was quoted directly and (one would assume) recently for the article.
He was working as a builder in Odda, in the south-east.
Let us go, an hemo our shame fo all da kine bad stuff we do to you, jalike us guys let da odda guys go awready, an we no stay huhu wit dem fo all da kine bad stuff dey do to us.
two videocassettes on "Ayyaana Odda Bultum," Habroo, Oromiya (Hidar 3,1984, Ethiopian Calendar); videocassette, "Aadanno Annole," Arssi (n.
One of the Odda zinc smelter's direct leaching tanks broke down at the end of October and it is estimated that this will affect Boliden's fourth quarter profits to the tune of around SEK -25 million.
They are part of the society," said Tariq Al Khabori, founder of ODDA and a long-time advocate for people with physical challenges in Oman.
The following day we switched base to The Hardangerfjord, the 'Queen of the Fjords', and the Vasstun Guesthouse in Odda.
14) Wamla-d tulle-wad arwata-da temma wasto korreks, cudgel-PL come-3PL regard-daINF ja ta naerab odda karrinat.