Odessa Art Museum

Odessa Art Museum


one of the largest collections of Russian and Ukrainian fine arts in the Ukrainian SSR. The museum was founded in 1899 as the Municipal Museum of Fine Arts. Until 1950 it was the People’s Art Museum; from 1950 to 1968 it was called the Odessa Picture Gallery. K. K. Kostandi played an important role in the founding of the museum and in its work.

The museum’s collection includes paintings by D. G. Levitskii, V. L. Borovikovskii, A. O. Orlovskii, V. A. Tropinin, I. K. Aivazovskii, I. N. Kramskoi, V. M. Maksimov, V. E. Makovskii, N. N. Ge, I. E. Repin, I. I. Shishkin, A. A. Murashko, I. I. Levitan, V. A. Serov, M. A. Vrubel’, K. A. Somov, and N. K. Rerich. The museum also includes paintings by the masters of the Society of Artists of Southern Russia, including K. K. Kostandi, P. G. Volokidin, N. D. Kuznetsov, and P. A. Nilus.

Soviet art in the Odessa Art Museum includes paintings by A. A. Shovkunenko, M. M. Bozhii, L. E. Muchnik, T. N. Iablonskaia, I. I. Bokshai, M. Sar’ian and I. Zarin’.


Odes’ka derzhavna kartynna halereia: Kataloh. Kiev, 1964.
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Her participants were also People's Deputy of Ukraine Serhiy Taruta and Ukrainian artist, director of the Odessa Art Museum Oleksandr Roitburd .