Odilon Redon

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Redon, Odilon

(ôdēlôN` rədôN`), 1840–1916, French painter and lithographer. He studied in Paris under Gérôme. Later his friend Fantin-Latour taught him lithography, but he was most influenced by Rodolphe Bresdin, an older artist who had created a world of fantastic imagery. Redon's first volume of lithographs, Dans le rêve, appeared in 1879. After 1889 he devoted himself to oil painting and especially pastels. Symbolically conceived, his work is related to that of writers such as Poe, Baudelaire, and Mallarmé. An artist of lyrical and mystical vision, he created translucent flower pieces and often depicted literary subjects. Redon stands as a precursor to surrealism, with his mysterious evocations of a dreamworld. Characteristic of his paintings are Les Yeux clos (Louvre) and Le Silence (Mus. of Modern Art, New York City). Fine examples of his graphic work can be found at the Art Institute, Chicago, and at the Bibliothèque nationale, Paris.


See his journal, À Soi-Même (1922); Graphic Works (tr. 1913, repr. 1969); studies by K. Berger (1965), J. Selz (1971), and S. F. Eisenman (1992).

Redon, Odilon


Born Apr. 20, 1840, in Bordeaux; died July 6, 1916, in Paris. French graphic artist and painter.

In 1861, Redon entered the Ecole des Beaux Arts, where he was a student of J. L. Gérôme. He was associated with the writers of the symbolist school and with the artists known as the nabis. On the basis of natural forms, Redon created a world of fantastic creatures. By introducing realistic details into this world, he combined dream and reality and thereby made a pathological and mystic statement. Representative works by Redon include the following series of lithographs: In the World of the Daydream (1879), To Edgar Allan Poe (1882), Night (1886), and The Apocalypse of St. John (1889). Redon also painted delicate and decorative still lifes.


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Si, un libro seria algo por hacer", le escribia Odilon Redon a Emile Bernard, "pero si en alguna ocasion hiciera el mio (tuve algunas veces la intencion) seria ya de forma tardia, en el campo, de retiro, por los recuerdos, y pidiendo perdon por cambiar de signo" (1).
The Symbolist art that emerged under this influence, depicting a real unreality, can be found in the pagan demons of Arnold Bocklin, the "unreal ambience," in the words of the Belgian poet Georges Rodenbach, of Pierre Puvis de Chavannes, the phantasmagoria of Odilon Redon, and a host of lesser artists and illustrators across Europe, all experimenting with different permutations of Symbolism, mysticism, and the styles of Art Nouveau (Goldwater's book is unrivaled in its comparison of Symbolism to Art Nouveau).
We encounter Ernest Chausson playing Beethoven piano trios with the symbolist artists Odilon Redon and Louis Janmot.
Included in the gallery were: Pommiers Pres de Vetheuil by Claude Monet, The Pont Neuf, Place Henry IV, in Morning Rain by Camille Pissarro and Vase de Fleurs by Odilon Redon.
Wolff, though, says Graves' late flower paintings rank with those of only a few other artists in the world, such as Odilon Redon and Piet Mondrian.
Yes, he still does symbolism - well, the type of symbolism of big-eyed girls, moonlit nights over Neath, flowers and pensive men, that is of the type belonging to the schools of Chagall or perhaps Odilon Redon.
Odilon Redon looked upon this seashell, and it is as though he was swept into an insight of the nature of the universe.
Las pinturas que Odilon Redon creo en torno al tema de la infancia poseen como principal caracteristica la colocacion del modelo en un ambiente de jardin onirico, conformado por masas florales de contornos difusos y colores muy intensos, lo que le entrega un aura luminosa a la figura protagonica.
Titles included: John Kozak's Hell Bent (1994); Guy Maddin's Archangel (1990), Careful (1992) and Tales From the Gimli Hospital (1988); John Paizs' Crime Wave (1985) and The Three Worlds of Nick (1982-85); Noam Gonick's documentary Guy Maddin: Waiting for Twilight (1998); and a collection of short films, among them Maddin's Hospital Fragments (1999) and Odilon Redon (1995), Gonick's 1919 (1997), Lorne Bailey's The Milkman Cometh (1988), Deco Dawson's Triptyque (1988), M.
The most unapologetically theatrical part of the production is Joe Vanek's set design: a cyclorama backdrop like an Odilon Redon aquarelle, where the ultramarine ground bursts with whirling hot oranges and pinks that could be exploding planets or flowers or fish.
Exhibited in this library are an Odilon Redon that the novelist Edith Wharton once owned, Seurat's Head of a Girl, and works by Renoir, Degas, Vuillard, and Lorraine.