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In his dramatic and musical representation of Oenone, Peele apparently responds to a tradition of female lament within boys' company tragedy.
His "Oenone," on the other hand, exalts the soul not into passion, but into a conception of pure beauty, which in its elevation its calm and intense rapture--has in it a foreshadowing of the future and spiritual life, and as far transcends earthly passion as the holy radiance of the sun does the glimmering and feeble phosphorescence of the glow-worm" (Poe 2009d: 48).
Only a salve from Oenone, the wife he abandoned for Helen, can save Paris's life.
Family Species IYC PP PCP Status Annelida Polychaeta Palpata Aciculata Eunicida Dorvilleidae Dorvillea X Cryptogenic Chamberlin, sociabilis 1919 (Webster, 1879) Eunicidae Eunice rubra X Native Berthold, Grube, 1856 1827 Oenonidae Oenone fulgida X Cryptogenic Kinberg, (Savigny, 1818) 1865 Annelida Polychaeta Palpata Aciculata Phyllodocida Hesionidae Hesione picta X Cryptogenic Grube, 1850 Muller, 1858 Nereididae Perinereis X Cryptogenic Johnston, anderssoni 1865 Kinberg, 1866 Pseudonereis X X Native palpata (Treadwell, 1923) Syllidae Haplosyllis sp.
A poem like "Oenone," however, is a sort of elegy before death, and hovers uncertainly between elegy and pastoral.
Asimismo, Chrysuronia oenone alcanzaba los 1500m en la bibliografia tradicional de Venezuela (Phelps y Meyer de Schauensee, 1994; Hilty, 2003), mientras que Formicarius analis llegaba hasta los 1700m (Schafer y Phelps, 1954; Phelps y Meyer de Schauensee, 1994; Hilty, 2003).
Also from Murray we have Juliet Nicolson's The Great Silence 1918-1920: Living in the Shadow of the Great War ([pounds sterling]8.99), an interesting topic handled with great sensitivity, and Oenone Crossley-Holland's Hands Up!
In the role of Phedre, on the first night in London, Bernhardt gave the impression that she was barely strong enough to play the role and Taylor writes that she sank lifeless into the arms of Oenone at the end of the performance.
Il s'agit du fameux echange entre Phedre et OEnone, dans Phedre : << Hippolyte, grands Dieux !--C'est toi qui l'as nomme >>.