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The unit of magnetic field strength in the centimeter-gram-second electromagnetic system of units, equal to the field strength at the center of a plane circular coil of one turn and 1-centimeter radius, when there is a current of 1/(2π) abamp in the coil; 1 oersted corresponds to approximately 79.577 amperes per meter.
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the unit of magnetic field intensity in the cgs system of units. Named in honor of H. C. Oersted, its symbol is Oe. One oersted is equal to the strength of a magnetic field produced at a distance of 2 cm from an infinitely long straight conductor of infinitesimal circular cross section carrying a current with a strength of 1 cgs unit (that is, 10 amperes).

In technical practice, the oersted is gradually being replaced by the SI unit, ampere-turns per meter: 1 Oe = 103/(4π) ampereturns/m = 79.5775 ampere-turns/m.

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Pronounced "erst-ed." The measurement of magnetic energy. The higher the Oe rating in a material, the more current is required to change its magnetic polarity. Named after the Danish scientist, Hans Cristian Oersted (1777-1851), it is used, for example, to measure the coercivity point on magnetic media. See coercivity.
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