Offa's Dyke

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Offa's Dyke,

ancient entrenchment of W England and E Wales, from the Dee estuary to near the estuary of the Wye River. It was built in the 8th cent. by Offa, king of MerciaMercia
, one of the kingdoms of Anglo-Saxon England, consisting generally of the region of the Midlands. It was settled by Angles c.500, probably first along the Trent valley.
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, as a barrier against the Welsh and lies mainly along the England-Wales boundary. Watt's Dyke, a similar work, roughly parallels a section of Offa's at a distance of c.2 mi (3.2 km). Parts of the dikes are well preserved.
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The Offas Dyke pub on Broughton Hall Road closed temporarily on Monday to begin an extensive refurbishment that will see it reopen on Friday June 12.
Explore Wales with this fantastic break with 2 full days of walking on the most popular path Offas Dyke in North Wales ?
There are many historic sights within easy reach, including castles at Chepstow, Raglan, and Pembroke, which formed the ancient chain of the Welsh Border Marches; Hereford cathedral, Offas Dyke path as well as the superb Brecon Beacons and Black Mountains, while in the surrounding area there is an array of Michelin Star restaurants.
Offas Dyke Path extends from the top to the bottom coast ofWales and follows an eighth century earthwork built by King Offa.
It is criss-crossed with public footpaths, including the famous Offas Dyke, and there are opportunities for riding and .
Finally,please allow me a small dig at Huw Marshall from Wrecsam who stated that the English are ``one of the most ill-educated races in the world'' and tell him that it is not Offas Dyke but Offa's Dyke with an apostrophe.
Contractor address : Unit 5, Offas Dyke Lane SY22 6ST Llanymynech
They are due to finish their journey in the next few days after visiting Flint lifeboat station and returning south down Offas Dyke.
The report added that the parlour would have a visual impact locally on listed buildings, it would affect views from nearby Powis Castle and impinge on Offas Dyke.
Offas Dyke, which runs from Sudbury, near Cheptow, along the English-Welsh border to Prestatyn in North Wales will use podcasts to tell walkers more about the areas they are visiting.
It's a pity that most English people are not made aware of the cultural diversity which resides this side of Offas Dyke from an early age.
Desirable or not, thats the status quo and Mr Browns policy will be followed with great interest this side of Offas Dyke.