Offshore Bar

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offshore bar

[′ȯf¦shȯr ′bär]

Offshore Bar


the simplest coastal accumulative relief form, formed by the action of sweeping breakers. The bar has the form of a low ridge (bar), extending along the shoreline. Bars can reach hundreds of m or several km in length and 1–4 m in height; they are defined by the energy of the surf. Such bars are made of sand, gravel, pebbles, and shells. Ancient offshore bars are relicts of the old shoreline.

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Look for Spanish mackerel, bluefish, blue runners and ladyfish in the current rips in the passes and also around the offshore bars.
Midwater species include Spanish mackerel, bluefish, ladyfish, blue runners, ladyfish and jacks, all of which can be taken by trolling or by casting spoons or jigs around the edges of the passes, in tide rips, and around the offshore bars.
Big schools of Spanish mackerel are beginning to appear around the passes and offshore bars.
Schools of fast-swimming Spanish mackerel are milling around the passes and offshore bars.
Sometimes the fish will be in the inlet around the edges, sometimes inside the inlet towards the ICW, or sometimes around the offshore bars, but they're around somewhere.
The spring mackerel run is in full bloom with packs of Spanish mackerel running the beaches, skirting around offshore bars and plundering pods of bait up to 8 or 10 miles off the coast.
This can be a good period tofind smaller Kingfish in the 70-to 90-foot range southeast of Ponce Inlet in the Pelican Flats are a out of Canaveral, and on the offshore bars near Sebastian Inlet If fronts bring in extreme temperature drops, the kings will move south toward Fort Pierce and Stuart Another possibility will be cobia on the reefs and wrecks.
Trolling the edges and around offshore bars will produce Spanish mackerel and bluefish.
The FWC has been involved since day one in planning boat ramps, cutting boat lanes through the flooded forests at Three Forks and sculpting offshore bars, channels and drops at Felismere.

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