Offutt Air Force Base

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Offutt Air Force Base,

U.S. military installation, 1,907 acres (772 hectares), E Neb., S of Omaha; est. 1896 as Fort Crook, an army base. Converted to an airbase in the early 1900s and renamed in 1924, it is the headquarters of the Strategic Command, the successor to the Strategic Air CommandStrategic Air Command
(SAC), former command of the U.S. air force (see Air Force, United States Department of the) charged with organizing, training, equipping, administering, and preparing strategic air forces for combat; it was headquartered at Offutt Air Force Base.
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. The Nebraska Museum of Aerospace History is on the base.
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At the time, the ATIS for Epply was Zulu and for the nearby Offut Air Force Base (KOFF) was Lima.
These will continue, but in 2007 emphasis will shift to Offut Air Force Base in Omaha, Nebraska, where the Pentagon is now moving central control for the Space Command.
Last night, Mr Bush was believed to be at Offut Air Force Base in Nebraska, home of the US long-range nuclear weapons.
Omaha is also home to Offut Air Force Base and the Committee was treated to a tour of the Strategic Command Center.
and the Strategic Air Command at Offut Air Force Base, Omaha, Neb.